Special & Standard Packaging For Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, USB Devices, MP3 & MP4 Players

September 6th 11, 19:16

Why do so many people opt for the “easy” option when it comes to packaging? We saw this trend 15 years ago with the CD and DVD market. There were so many of our customers insisted upon packing and distributing their CDs and DVDs in boring, standard card wallets and PVC wallets. What happened? All their content and messaging that had been worked so hard on to create, was instantly diluted and lost with everyone else’s, they just ended up in the same pile of card wallets and PVC wallets! brandedmedia saw an opportunity to devise some amazing multimedia packaging solutions to ensure our customers products, titles and services stood out from the crowd, they certainly did that and we all reaped the rewards.

Now its time to ensure your product, service, event, or special project gets to go to the Ball! By this I mean, it needs to be dressed in accordance to the event, not just handed out with all the other flash drives and memory sticks you see given out, in cheap packaging, if any packaging is used at all! These products have cost YOU a lot of money, the development of the content has cost YOU a lot of money, why fall at the last hurdle by not spending a little extra to give your flash drive that fighting chance.

Imagine for a moment you have 2 pieces of marketing collateral in front of you, one is a plain old flash drive with 1 colour printed to the face, in fact haven’t you just got another 6 flash drives that look just the same as that in a drawer somewhere back at the office? The other is a USB Smart Box, that contains the same flash drive but colour matched to the exhibition stand and company branding. When I look at the 2 x products side by side, straight away I find myself looking more intensely at the smart box and reading further information about the company, I am able to do this as there is a printed insert sitting nicely within the outside of the smart box, the message outside is very informative, and tells me why I should play the memory stick when I get home, because the guy on the stand was too busy to tell me about his company, his USP’s and why I should use them as a supplier or provider! That’s why you need further information surrounding your flash drive, or memory stick. I know all our sales guys are brilliant, but even if they are too busy, or run out of time to relay the full company spiel, at least they have this fantastically informative product that can be left with the potential client, which will tell them everything they need to know and will look really smart!

Then when I open the USB Smart Box, I have further details about the company as they have printed a booklet, user manual, or other marketing collateral within the smart box… I am totally sold on them, this product is just so versatile and cost effective, surely this is a better approach when it comes to giving out your memory stick, or flash drives at your next event.

The outer inserts and inner booklets can be printed in 3 days, so there really is no excuse for you not to ensure you give your flash drive the very best 'outfit for the ball'!!

Speak to one of our team by calling 01256 355533 or e-mail us at we look forward to assisting you with your next memory stick or flash drive requirement.

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