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November 26th 12, 11:54

The Blu-ray combo pack for Hollywood blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises is released on the 4th of December and it features a whole host of goodies for fans. The front of the DVD packaging features Batman against a holographic background. Inside the packaging is a 3-disc combo pack that includes a Blu-ray disc, standard movie DVD, and an Ultraviolet DVD, which allows fans to be able to watch the movie almost anywhere, such as on computer, phone, or tablet. A whole host of special features and documentaries are included on the discs.

Content and packaging are equally important when it comes to producing a DVD that will be a big hit with customers. No one wants to spend time making a quality product only to have a poor packaging design rob the product of the success that it deserves and would otherwise likely enjoy.

Brandedmedia can prevent that unfortunate happenstance ever occurring with your company and product. We offer a wide array of DVD packaging solutions that range from off the shelf products to custom made individual and bespoke packaging, the likes of which has never been seen by customers before anywhere in the DVD marketplace.

This Basingstoke, Hampshire company understands very well that the promotion of your business makes the presentation of your product all the more key to its success. We offer quality solutions at highly competitive prices.

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