Flash Drive Designs

August 4th 11, 14:26

Initially, we had the floppy disc, then it was the CD-Rom, but now the flash drive is the current kingpin of the portable media storage devices. Flash drives are designed to be more compact, they have a larger capacity for storage, are easier to transport and are more robust that both the floppy disc and the CD-Rom. Multimedia technology has made it possible for flash drives to be used to store and transfer data for gaming devices and mobile phones as well as for PCs and laptops.

One of the reasons this little device is so sturdy is, unlike both the floppy disc and the CD-Rom, the flash drive has a distinct lack of internal parts that can break down, get scratched or otherwise fail. The flash device consists of a tiny circuit board inside a hard protective casing and the device is small enough to be carried in a handbag, a briefcase or even on a key ring. If you want to have a little fun with your flash drive, keep your eyes open for some innovative flash drive designs in the form of shrimp, sushi, bottles, a human thumb – and even Barbie!. You can also have flash devices imprinted with your company logo and use them as complimentary gifts for clients or for promotional purposes.

Whether you use your flash drive device for business or simply for fun, you will appreciate the innovative designs, with consistent refinements always in the news, making them faster, smaller, and more fun to use.

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