Designing Software Packaging

October 18th 11, 12:31

Software packaging design is important on so many levels; protection, durability, safe storage, distribution – all these links in the chain between manufacturer and end user affect the value and ultimately the consumer cost; therefore, the lighter the load the better. With plastics becoming more and more of an environmental no-no, cardboard packaging is fast becoming the preferred packaging of choice for software products. An example, like many people you may keep CD’s in the car inside a wallet holding 100 or more – where then are all the plastic cases? Now multiply that by every CD user on the planet and you will see a whole mountain of unused plastic CD cases. So what do we do? We turn to cardboard, manufactured in different density and strength, cardboard is actually an extremely versatile product, less expensive to manufacture and more eco-friendly.

Software packaging
At brandedmedia we pride ourselves on our fine range of software packaging including the clever Jake Box, Tuck End Carton, Presentation and Mailer options and so much more. Check out our point of sale range and display packaging options, designs you will not find anywhere else!

Whether your needs are big or small be sure that we at brandedmedia, located at Basingstoke, Hampshire will do our very best to serve your company requirements at the lowest possible price.

Attractive software packaging need not cost the earth and at brandedmedia, we make sure it does not.

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