Pantone Match Printing onto Flash Drives, USB's & Memory Sticks

September 6th 11, 19:14

The team at brandedmedia always encourages its customers to try and be as consistent where ever possible when it comes to brand and printing. One of the best ways to achieve colour continuity throughout your marketing materials is through pantone printing, also known as PMS.

brandedmedia are offering all customers the chance to have the rubber base of the classic BM01 USB produced in the same pantone colour as the printed logo that is applied to the metal part of the drive. The BM01 Flash Drive is also known as the twister USB within the memory market.

The BM01 flash drives and memory sticks are available in many memory sizes from 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and right through to 64GB. The most popular size we are selling currently is the 2GB, we find our customers have enough space on the flash drive to upload their data, but also leave enough room for their customer to have space of their own use. Let’s face it, the more your customer, or potential customers use your memory stick, or flash drive the more they see your logo and the more they remember you! This is also another perfect example of the reasons why you should have the base of the flash drive colour matched to your brand, ensuring a memorable marketing tool.

Have some fun and get the best out of your next flash drive order, by colour matching the base of the flash drive, pantone printing onto the metal clip and then continuing the same colours and style throughout the packaging, it will give you a real edge over your competitors.

Don’t just print your logo using Black ink onto a Black flash drive, this is a quick and easy option and looks the same as all the other devices in the market place. It really wont cost you anymore to have the base produced using your chosen pantone colour and your logo printed with those same pantone colours to the clip of the flash drive. To be perfectly honest with you, due to the level of flash memory we produce and devices printed, our prices are rarely rivaled.

If you need your flash drive content to be read only, non delete, or even partitioned, we can take care of this for you, its simple and something we are very used to doing for many of our customers.

In some situations our customers require their content duplicated and delivered back within 3 days, we can offer this service using our stock USB’s. It’s outside of the current offer we are running, but we can accommodate our customers to ensure they have their content uploaded, with their logo printed and delivered back on time. It’s always best to speak to the team at brandedmedia to discuss your full requirements and your ideal delivery date and we will take care of the rest.

We are also in the process of producing an e-flick brochure for a well known university; they have a number of prospectuses and have commissioned brandedmedia to develop their titles using our e-flick software. Once these have been developed and tested they will be uploaded to flash drives which have been produced in the methods mentioned above, pantone printing onto the flash drive is the only way forward and they are going to look fantastic. We will of course keep you updated with the latest news on this project and when it’s live we will certainly be sharing this with you!

Please call 01256 355533 or e-mail us today, we are keen to help you and more importantly want to ensure you are aware of all the options you have available to you when it comes to promoting your latest services, product launch, event or anything else that needs that special brandedmedia touch.

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