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July 5th 12, 12:26

The Royal Mail has hit controversy with their plans to stamp all mail with a Delivered by Royal Mail stamp from June 2012. Whilst this is, of course, an excellent direct mailing strategy, it does not sit well with the Direct Marketing Association which believes such a move is within the realms of direct marketing companies only. However, whether the DMA is on board or not, it is looking very likely that Royal Mail will go ahead with its plan.

Now, whether we agree or disagree with RM’s plan, we must surely acknowledge it is a direct mailing masterpiece. Not only are they receiving free advertising with every letter and parcel delivered but they are also delivering to target: people who receive post by Royal Mail.

Brandedmedia understand that any direct mail campaign, if it is to be successful, must be applied to target. Well on our way to becoming the premier UK direct mail outlet, we provide our customers with national and international mail. We do this by using the foremost postal organisations across the world in order to take advantage of travel and delivery options, along with a reduced cost for our customers in terms of collection and sorting.

For more information on our unique brand of direct mail solutions, please continue to browse our website or contact us with any questions you may have. We have a direct mail solutions team on board, ready and waiting to help your business move forward cost effectively.

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