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April 2nd 13, 12:00

Starbucks is an internationally famous coffee shop but in recent times, it has also started producing CDs, cutesy compilations it places next to the register in the hope of last minute buys. One of its more recent CD compilations is My Last Mix Tape, a collection of wistful alternative pop music from the 1990s.

Of course, the reality is that the CD is not a real mix tape by any means because mix tapes were intimate and original creations in their original incarnations, rather than a commercial product created via an algorithm. Starbucks is a massive success for a reason however and My Last Mix Tape is aimed squarely at people growing nostalgic for their youth in the 90s, even down to the CD packaging.

The packaging of the CD is designed deliberately to play on such nostalgic associations, containing pre-millennial photographs of faces, many of which have that vaguely overexposed look reminiscent of Polaroid. Even the playlist is conveyed via fake handwriting and divided into an A and B-side, a perfect example of precisely programmed nostalgia.

Starbucks knows that the perfect package for your CD is important; so do you, and so does Brandedmedia. This Basingstoke, Hampshire company is able to offer a wide range of CD packaging options off the shelf or gives you the chance to work with their creative team to come up with a design as original and perfectly apt as My Last Mix Tape.

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