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August 30th 13, 14:49

Video Brochure A6 Size

With a screen size of just under 2.5 inches, video brochure A6 size is ideal for carrying, stacking and storing. A favourite at product launches and for press release, the video brochure continues to go from strength to strength.

Use A6 video brochure to highlight all kinds of products and services. Offer clients uniform descriptions and specs which will heighten awareness of and interest in, your product.

The video brochure A6 size is an excellent method of gauging marketplace interest before a launch and the hi-tech feel of the brochure makes it more of a clever gadget than a business card.

With a built-in memory capacity of 1-hour and playback time of 2-hours, the video brochure A6 offers ample time to get your message across. The speeded up voiceovers on radio and TV advertising have never proved popular with customers and although this can sometimes be necessary from a financial point of view the rushed commentary does little to engage and much of the information is lost.

Relaxed and friendly customer interaction before you even meet

Video brochures on the other hand provide a more relaxed and friendly way to introduce your product or service. Video brochures can be as exciting as you want to make them with a quality screen resolution of 320 x 240-px (A6 size) it is as good as watching TV in your own home.

Video brochure A6 size is simple to operate with push button start/stop, volume control and a rechargeable lithium battery to ensure smooth operation and the deceptive slim style of the video brochure A6 size belies its robust nature.

Video brochure A6 size can be pivotal in helping your product secure the lions share of the market. Because the brochure does the cold call part of the process for you, you can be sure that your sales team will met with a warmer reception as well as more understanding of the product on offer.

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