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Multimedia is a combination of visual, word and sound components used in such a way as to inform, sell, or entertain. Multimedia is used in many spheres of communication including advertising, entertainment, information exchange, and TV as you might expect, but multimedia is also a valuable tool within the realms of education and many students now benefit from e-learning. Multimedia is a convenient way to learn, it hands control to the user and allows students to learn outside the hours of school and at their own pace.

At brandedmedia, we understand that the visual components of multimedia learning mean that children have greater opportunity for understanding and retaining what they learn via this means. E-learning is also beneficial to mature students and people who have taken up study later on in life as it allows for home study and at any time of the day or night. Recent multimedia design innovations allows the user to stream over the internet or download information to mobile phones making the study, as well as user-convenient, entirely portable.

The BBC has been using multimedia newsroom, Mediawire, since 2007 (going live in April 2008) and in 2009, the new and improved BBC Newswire was launched. This all-in-one multimedia news agency’s job is to co-ordinate the various departments (internal and external) supplying news to the BBC in order to improve both efficiency and the speed of reporting.

Since then the innovations and refinements of multimedia have snowballed and at brandedmedia, this looks set to continue well into the future.

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