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May 9th 12, 13:50

Even the big boys do not get it right all the time. In March 2012, giant American retailer JC Penny launched a new marketing initiative that included a direct mail campaign. Although direct mail is a powerful marketing tool, the people at JC Penny forgot the rule of success in this type of campaign: play to target and get personal. When a retailer such as JCP successfully collates customer information and sends mail shots only to those customers who have purchased a particular commodity it does two things:

• It reduces waste on the part of the company.

• It makes the customer feel special, that the company actually know their preferences.

However, the mighty JCP made a schoolboy error in their last campaign that consequently petered out like a damp squib. Better luck next time JCP!

The people at brandedmedia know that successful direct mail campaigns need more than luck to be successful. Not only should they be specifically targeted they must also have bright, clear graphics that resonate with the customer who is going to buy. Brandedmedia, Basingstoke Hampshire has more than 30-years in the marketing field and offer a tailor-made direct mail campaign for your business both in UK and overseas.

Brandedmedia also offer printing, data handling, storage, fulfilment, and worldwide distribution. Brandedmedia know that our customers’ success is also our success, so we do not, like JC Penny, rely on luck. Bring the brandedmedia team on board and together we will create a direct mail solution that really works.

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