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August 13th 12, 14:43

Prior to the arrival of digital technology, recordings of music were processed for playback on cassette tapes and LP records. With the latter, the music recording was stored on a plastic material that had been imprinted with a variety of bumps.

The playback equipment could then interpret such bumps as sounds. Cassette tapes used a kind of varying magnetic pattern, which would replicate as sound. Both used analogue technology, which required the use of specific materials and had limitations that related to long-term durability and storage capacity.

All CDs however originate from just the one original ‘master’ disc. CDs are replicated by virtue of a technology that consists of a digital sampling referred to as ‘sampling’. Sampling converts music into a series of digital numbers. A master disc is then created based upon the results of this sampling process. The master disc is often created with the use of a heavy-duty glass underside for the sake of durability, unlike the later plastic copies. Tiny bumps known as pits are etched on the disc’s surface with the use of a laser, based on information collected from the original recording, with those areas that lack bumps, known as lands, representing the number one digits. Every track on the CD is the result of the sampling process and is broken down into millions of ones and zeros.

Such clever technology requires clever packaging, something brandedmedia is very capable of providing with a cost effective and innovative range of packaging design available from this Basingstoke Hampshire company.

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