CD Designs

August 5th 11, 14:34

The modern equivalent of the album, CD cover designs initially followed the example of its predecessor using illustrators and artists, many of whom owe their fame to their design of album covers. However, as time and technology marches on, modern CD design has pushed back the barriers of limitation and the constantly improving technology allows for more intelligent and innovative computer generated work on CD design.

With the rising popularity of downloaded music, the requirement for CD cover designs has decreased but there are still many fans and collectors who prefer the hard copy CD complete with designed cover. CD covers also remain popular for charity and topical singles released and of course, visual art attracts attention from potential purchasers too. A recent example of this is a London schoolgirl Alina Khakoo, who won a CD design cover competition for a new single released by Ealing-based band Storey to promote understanding of mental health problems. (Ealing Gazette).

So whether created by hand or computer generated, CD design will always have a place as long as there is marketplace for music.

Eye-catching CD covers, inserts, and innovative packaging are very useful for company issued CD’s and other professional and information-based products. A good design should capture the client’s initial interest and an attention-grabbing but with a succinct explanation on the back cover and/or insert should make the user want to hear what the CD has to say. It would then be fair to say that the adaptability of CD design ensures its continuing place in the corporate world.

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