USB Supplier in Hampshire | The Ultimate in Portable Storage from Brandedmedia

July 23rd 12, 11:15

Flash drives can go anywhere, being mobile enough to literally fit in your hip pocket, while also having the capacity to be able to carry almost an entire week’s worth of music, video and just about anything else you can digitally imagine. USB Flash drives, which are based on solid state technology, are one of the hottest items in computing right now and can be found right here with us at brandedmedia.

Flash drives are also very versatile tools when used for marketing purposes. We are able to offer you the technology with which you can send your hottest prospects and most important clients an audio/video presentation that has been customised to be all about your particular firm, the services you offer and any new products or innovations that you have developed. This information can all be contained in a gift that we here at brandedmedia can provide, a gift that will be used over and over again and it will continue to promote your firm each and every time that it is used.

Flash memory is in the zeitgeist at the moment, and we always keep abreast of the hottest trends. Flash memory is a type of solid state technology essentially translates to meaning that there are no moving parts and that it works a lot quicker than is the case with traditional hard disc drives.

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