Using Direct Mail to Your Advantage

September 14th 11, 12:09

Direct mail is a method of advertising used when the advertiser sends mail items either by post, inside publications, or by email to groups of potential clients. Although direct mail also targets existing customers by letting them know of special offers and sales, the direct mail process is usually employed to attract new customers and raise marketplace awareness and at brandedmedia, we understand the importance of target specific marketing. Direct mail is a low-cost way to reach a wide range of consumers, although the viability of this type of marketing is a hot topic. The BBC Panorama programme attacked direct mail from the point of view of additional environmental waste.

However, the downside of this method of advertising is all too plain, with consumers becoming annoyed and ignoring what the advertiser has to offer. Thus comes the challenge to brandedmedia direct marketers: to make their ad so appealing, personal, or visually stunning that the recipient cannot help but look at it. Therefore, it is not surprising that contemporary advertising campaigns are more glamorous than ever. No matter how brilliant the product or service or how great the deal, it all means nothing if the potential customers miss out on reading about the opportunity in professional and appealing ways.

Primarily, direct mail is more than just an advertising campaign and in order to be successful, research and survey methods should be undertaken to discover who would benefit from direct mail and who would simply become annoyed. Direct mail campaigns, i.e. successful direct mail campaigns, are thoroughly researched with realistic target listings.

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