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July 6th 12, 12:35

Tens of thousands of Elvis fans recently had the opportunity to be a part of a commemorative CD in which fans were able to vote for their favourite Elvis tracks and upload personal photographs for a fan mosaic. It is in the process of being collated with the most popular tracks and extra-special photos of the King due for release on 31st July, in time for the 35th anniversary of his death on 16th August 2012. This innovative idea is a fitting tribute to not only Elvis himself but to his worldwide fan base that has been able to feel a part of the process.

Brandedmedia understand how important it is for customers to take ownership of your product. If it is viewed as just another CD, it will quickly lose popularity and it will become consigned to the bottom of the CD pile in favour of the next big thing. However, as the Elvis PR Team know well, if you can bring customers to a place of active involvement then the product ceases to be ‘just a product’ and becomes ‘their product’.

Brandedmedia offer the complete service from CD authoring, replication, duplication, CD packaging design right through to fulfilment. Whatever your product, our Basingstoke Hampshire design team are here to help you find your creative market niche cost-effectively and professionally. Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team of CD design experts right now and be delighted at what brandedmedia can do for you.

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