What is Multimedia Design?

August 4th 11, 14:24

The term multimedia may be commonly used but many people may not know what is meant by the term multimedia, so let’s start there. This is not an idiot’s guide because, let’s face it, none of us are idiots are we? Multimedia is simply a combination of text, sounds, visuals, video, games, and user-friendly interactive content.

An illustration: to apply multimedia design to a website requires energising the site with digital images, colours, sounds, and videos making it attractive, vibrant and appealing to consumers. Multimedia is an exciting and dynamic marketing tool and multimedia design is the creation of innovative and unique product ideas that allow the user to create stimulating and intelligent products on a global basis. In short, multimedia design technology has become an invaluable marketing tool enabling all kinds of businesses to grow, develop, and reach customers worldwide. Whether your business is service or product-driven, the numerous solutions possible by correct usage of multimedia design can help develop a healthy customer base and raise your company profile.

Multimedia design has gained its rightful place in the modern business world, there is truly no business too small or too large to benefit from multimedia, and indeed, there can be very few organisations that do not use multimedia tools in some way. Our children now see multimedia development as an integral way of life and are as at home with technology as their parents were with pen and paper.Multimedia design and technology is of course vastly important in the world of research. For example, multimedia programs using touch-sensitive screens have proven to be useful diagnostic tools in helping to reduce short-term memory loss for sufferers of Alzheimer’s.

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