DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia | Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

December 2nd 13, 12:15

One of the biggest TV titles of 2013 was released in the US last week, the complete series of the acclaimed drama Breaking Bad.  The Blu-ray set, which comprises 16 discs in total, comes with ver... more

USB Plastic Packaging | USB Packaging at brandedmedia

November 8th 13, 10:25

The extensive range and design of brandedmedias USB plastic packaging remains at the forefront of media storage solutions and we intend it should remain so. To this end brandedmedia offer the ultimate... more

Video Brochures by Brandedmedia | Video Brochures in Basingstoke

November 6th 13, 17:11

Video brochures are the next huge marketing tool and video brochures by brandedmedia are among the very best examples of the device in terms of quality, style, ingenuity of craft and durability. Add t... more

No need to hope with brandedmedia | Heavenly DVD packaging from Basingstoke in Hampshire

November 4th 13, 13:52

American legend Billy Graham is celebrating his 95th birthday by continuing to share his faith in Jesus Christ. The 7th of November marks both Grahams birthday and the launch of his nationwide push to... more

USB Packaging | brandedmedia in Hampshire

November 4th 13, 09:28

USB packaging is the icing on the cake of your device and the first thing any potential customer sees so it is essential to get it right. Seminars and exhibitions are popular venues for hand-outs and ... more

Video Brochures at brandedmedia | Basingstoke, Hampshire

October 28th 13, 14:57

With more and more UK businesses recognising the value of video brochures as a marketing tool its now official – video brochures are here to stay. Created by fitting a tiny screen into a traditional... more

USB DVD Cases | Specialist USB Packaging at brandedmedia

October 24th 13, 12:35

Brandedmedia design offer a super range of USB DVD cases for all kinds of storage solutions. Used in presentations, seminars and meetings and always popular as giveaways at exhibitions and during sale... more

Video Brochures | Video Brochures are the best of both worlds from brandedmedia, basingstoke

October 23rd 13, 15:38

Impress your customers and drive your brand forward with the new video brochures from brandedmedia. Using the format of the traditional paper introductions such as business card, leaflet and marketing... more

USB Packaging | Bespoke and specialist USB Packaging in Basingstoke

October 22nd 13, 13:18

USB cases are a versatile and incredibly useful piece of storage kit for all kinds of USB devices. The premier supplier of USB promotional products in the UK, brandedmedia of Hampshire offer a huge ra... more

Video Brochures | Specialist Video Packaging at brandedmedia, Basingstoke

October 21st 13, 17:23

Video brochures are an innovative, intelligent and colourful way to display your wares on the marketplace stage. Choose a business card size, neat, quirky and very sharp this small tool contains all y... more

Specialist USB Packaging at Brandedmedia | Basingstoke, Hampshire

October 16th 13, 16:40

No wonder we at brandedmedia get excited by our own products! With a unique range of USB box designs rolling out every month, we surprise ourselves and our customers with creative, quirky as well as v... more

Video Brochures at Brandedmedia | Accelerate your brand into the limelight!

October 15th 13, 15:35

Brandedmedias video brochure design accelerates your brand straight into the limelight. Business owners who choose Brandedmedia products are ensuring they receive not only the best price but the best ... more

Standard USB Packaging | Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

October 10th 13, 16:46

Standard USB packaging solutions are brought to the fore by Brandedmedias fresh approach to design technology.  With a consistently people friendly centred environment, our design team pool their... more

Video Brochures | Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality With Brandedmedia

October 9th 13, 16:07

Make your business video even more special by creating a uniquely tailored effect by transposing your standard video pack onto almost anything; for example on the lid or even inside a box, embedded on... more

Standard USB Packaging | Brandedmedia USB Packaging in Basingstoke

October 8th 13, 13:07

Standard USB packaging solutions are brought to the fore by Brandedmedias fresh approach to design technology.  With a consistently people-friendly centred environment, our design team pool their... more

Video Brochures at Brandedmedia | The Perfect Audio Visual Marketing Tool!

October 7th 13, 10:48

Video brochures are the very latest in innovation and sales techniques to take the marketplace by storm. In a nutshell the video brochure is an audio/visual tool in brochure format. This piece of kit ... more

Dont get spooked by scary packaging | DVD packaging at Brandedmedia

October 7th 13, 10:40

Halloween has come early on DVD in the United States, with the release of many horror DVDs and Blu-rays including Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection box-set. This horror package includes ten dis... more

Off the Shelf USB Packaging | Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

October 2nd 13, 17:45

Available for delivery right now from our warehouse to your premises, Brandedmedia offers an extensive range of exciting and cleverly designed of- the-shelf USB packaging. Whether you need presentatio... more

Brandedmedia can help you avoid bad publicity | Get the right DVD packaging image at Basingstoke in Hampshire

September 3rd 13, 09:01

The DVD release in the United States of the award winning Australian comedy The Sapphireshas set tongues wagging and for all the wrong reasons.  In a situation that shows just how important DVD p... more

Video Brochure A6 Size | Video Brochures at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

August 30th 13, 14:49

Video Brochure A6 SizeWith a screen size of just under 2.5 inches, video brochure A6 size is ideal for carrying, stacking and storing. A favourite at product launches and for press release, the video ... more

Packaging at Brandedmedia | Love the service at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

August 30th 13, 14:14

Cult series Mystery Science Theatre3000 is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a silver-like box set that includes four episodes that have never previously been released in addition to a host of ext... more

DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia | Play the DVD design game at Basingstoke, Hampshire

July 3rd 13, 11:03

Game of Thrones fans are being given the chance to have a say in the cover design in the Season 3 DVD box set of the popular fantasy drama.  The box set is to feature the dragon shadow image but ... more

DVD packaging at Brandedmedia | Create striking packaging at Basingstoke in Hampshire

June 3rd 13, 16:03

For a number of years now Criterion has been bringing something of an art-house sensibility to its DVD packaging.  The company has been re-releasing onto DVD classic motion pictures with brand ne... more

DVD Packaging in Basingstoke, Hampshire | Help save the world with Brandedmedia

May 7th 13, 11:55

DVD packaging in Basingstoke in Hampshire can provide a range of environmentally friendly solutions. Sony Pictures has announced new sustainability efforts to improve the firm’s ecological footprint... more

DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia | A good day for quality in Basingstoke, Hampshire

April 8th 13, 11:25

The DVD package for the latest Die Hard film, the critically panned A Good Day to Die Hard, which stars Bruce Willis in his iconic role as New York cop John McClane, will be released by 20th Century F... more

DVD packaging | Don’t be miserable, use Brandedmedia

April 2nd 13, 12:03

The bombastic film adaptation of the beloved contemporary musical Les Miserables won three Golden Globes, four BAFTAs, and three Academy Awards. Starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway,... more

CD Packaging in Basingstoke | Mix things up with Brandedmedia

April 2nd 13, 12:00

Starbucks is an internationally famous coffee shop but in recent times, it has also started producing CDs, cutesy compilations it places next to the register in the hope of last minute buys. One of it... more

DVD Packaging Basingstoke | Brandedmedia offers DVDs, CDs and Bespoke Packaging

March 25th 13, 16:13

Channel 4 Learning has published its list of educational DVDs for Summer 2013 and at brandedmedia we are delighted to see that the variety and quality of the resources for a wide range of subjects is ... more

DVD packaging in Hampshire | Marry a great product with superb packaging at Brandedmedia

March 19th 13, 14:10

Five years ago, Classic Media and its then distributor Genius Media released a 13 DVD box-set of the classic TV series The Lone Ranger, which featured the first two seasons of the hit show. Fans have ... more

CD Authoring at Brandedmedia | Authoring in Basingstoke

March 11th 13, 11:41

If you really want to reach out to the masses and make certain that your firm’s brand image achieves a certain status, then when you produce a CD, you need to make certain that an expert does the CD... more

DVD Authoring in Basingstoke | Let brandedmedia bring your DVD to life

March 5th 13, 09:36

An historical error in Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s Oscar nominated movie, has seen people, including a US congressman, calling for the director to alter the film to change the mistake before it is r... more

DVD packaging from Branded Media | Honest DVD packaging from Basingstoke in Hampshire

March 5th 13, 09:34

Australians intending to purchase the new Microsoft Office in stores are going to be in for a shock if they think they are purchasing it on DVD or CD. People insisting on having their software on disc... more

DVD Packaging in Basingstoke | Best DVD Packaging ideas in Hampshire

February 26th 13, 10:59

New details on the home video release of new anime series RDG Red Data Girl have been revealed. The 12 episode series made by PA Works, which is set to commence in just under two months time in April,... more

Educational DVDs | Inspire & Instruct at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

February 18th 13, 11:49

Disney Educational Productions has designed a new DVD package aimed at students in the United States. The DVD package includes an educator’s guide to assist teachers with complete lesson plans and m... more

DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia | Ideas become reality at Brandedmedia in Hampshire

February 11th 13, 16:32

AMC in the United States has released what many are describing as the coolest piece of DVD packaging ever. The Blu-ray limited edition box set of the third season of US zombie apocalypse drama The Wal... more

Copy Protection at Brandedmedia | Safeguard your copyright in Basingstoke, Hampshire

February 4th 13, 14:06

Safeguarding data, software and digital content is usually a standard part of the process of software publishing, yet at the same time it is also one of the things which is the most difficult to achie... more

DVD Packaging | The best quality packaging from Brandedmedia in Hampshire

January 28th 13, 09:28

Fans of cartoon series Rocko’s Modern Life are celebrating because Nickelodeon and the Shout Factory! have finally reached the end of the course for the release of one of the very best of the entire... more

Specialist DVD Packaging | DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia

January 21st 13, 09:46

The first studio album for five years has been announced for legendary British anti-folk individual Billy Bragg. Entitled Tooth & Nail, the album will be released in the United Kingdom on the 18th... more

DVD Packaging in Hampshire | Design bespoke DVD Packaging with Brandedmedia

January 8th 13, 15:03

Kodansha, a Japanese book publisher, has begun the streaming of a brand new promotional video for the limited release of volume 36 of Fairy Tail. The new release DVD is set to include a copy of the DV... more

CD Duplication in Hampshire | Protect your data with brandedmedia

January 7th 13, 11:32

A man from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is facing charges of music piracy after police uncovered over 20,000 bootleg CDs. Police have charged 49-year-old Donald Wands with unauthorized recording, felon in ... more

DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia | Specialist bespoke DVD Packaging in Basingstoke

December 10th 12, 13:56

If you have a TV buff in the family and are contemplating what to get him or her for Christmas, there is a whole sleigh load of options when it comes to DVD box sets this year. There is no doubt that ... more

Multimedia experts in Basinsgtoke | Come to brandedmedia for all your multimedia needs

December 3rd 12, 10:50

Multimedia content makes press releases ten times more visible than if it features just text on its own, according to the results of a second study from PR Newswire. This confirms that multimedia cont... more

DVD Packaging in Basingstoke | High value, bespoke DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia

December 3rd 12, 10:44

Back in September, former Beatle Paul McCartney held a live and intimate concert in Capitol Studio’s Studio A in Hollywood where he performed all of the songs from his Kisses on the Bottom album, wh... more

DVD packaging in Basingstoke, Hampshire | Match Hollywood blockbuster designs at Brandedmedia

November 26th 12, 11:54

The Blu-ray combo pack for Hollywood blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises is released on the 4th of December and it features a whole host of goodies for fans. The front of the DVD packaging features Batm... more

DVD packaging in Hampshire | Bespoke, Creative disc packaging at brandedmedia

November 19th 12, 12:30

The film company behind the Lord of the Rings movies and the upcoming The Hobbit are suing a low budget company, known as The Asylum, for copyright infringement over their new movie The Age of the Hob... more

Presentation Cases in Basingstoke | Bespoke USB Presentation Cases from brandedmedia

November 12th 12, 13:42

In the marketplace of the 21st century, design is the key component when it comes to developing the appeal of your product and packaging and this is the same when applied to USB presentation cases. Th... more

CD Packaging in Basingstoke | Brandedmedia offer bespoke CD Packaging in Hampshire

November 5th 12, 09:34

Jesus Culture Music and Integrity Music have announced the release of Jesus Culture’s highly anticipated seventh release, Jesus Culture with Martin Smith: Live from New York, on the 20th of November... more

Direct Mail Solutions in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer Direct Mail Solutions

November 5th 12, 09:23

Direct mail is a method of advertising in which the advertiser is able to mail printed letters or adverts to a group of consumers. The cost of the mailing can be lowered by the use of bulk mailing and... more

DVD Packaging in Basingstoke | Specialist, bespoke DVD & CD Packaging from brandedmedia

October 29th 12, 11:09

Looney Tunes is, as many are no doubt aware, responsible for the creation of some of the best animated shorts ever made, and the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 2 has just been released on Blu... more

CD Packaging in Basingstoke | CD Packaging Designs at Brandedmedia in Hampshire

October 22nd 12, 11:44

There are more and more examples of genuinely innovative CD packaging designs out in the marketplace all the time. One such recent example is the album Votive Life from Cave Painting, which comes in C... more

Software Packaging in Basingstoke | Get the best software packaging from brandedmedia in Hampshire

October 15th 12, 15:25

A Microsoft blog post has finally revealed the packaging of the upgrade for Windows 8 Pro, with preorders now available from the likes of Amazon, Staples, the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Office Dep... more

Copy Protection in Basingstoke | Get copy protection that works at Brandedmedia in Hampshire

October 8th 12, 12:05

Capcom is trying to find the answer to a problem that has resulted in the most recent patch for the controversial Resident Evil 6 PS3 games not just failing to work but also actually fully disabling t... more

DVD Packaging in Basingstoke | Quality DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia

September 24th 12, 11:03

A movie studio has bowed to pressure and agreed to recall DVDs of pornographic movies the titles and packaging of which were deliberate parodies of the popular American ice cream firm Ben & Jerrys... more

CD Packaging at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke | Specialist CD Packaging in Basingstoke

September 17th 12, 11:06

Opera recordings are so common these days that any new release has to be special in order to generate any real interest even from hardened enthusiasts. One such special release is that of the new reco... more

CD Design in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer CD Design and much more...

September 10th 12, 10:12

When it comes to keeping your brand identity consistent, you need a company you can trust. With brandedmedia, you know you will be hiring a team of experts who will work with you to ensure that the CD... more

3D Crystal USB Drives | Brandedmedia offer all new 3D Crystal USB at great prices!

September 5th 12, 10:30

3D Crystal USB Drives - These all new stunning USBs are fast becoming all the rage in the USB world! They really look the business when the LEDs light up inside when the USB is in use and the LEDs com... more

USB Flash Drives in Basingstoke | Innovative Flash Drive Designs at Brandedmedia

September 3rd 12, 10:40

USB Flash Drives in Basingstoke - While not a new product in itself, the fact is that promotional USB flash drives remain an extremely popular item and there is no doubt that they are always... more

DVD Packaging in Hampshire | Brandedmedia in Basingstoke provide superb DVD Packaging

September 3rd 12, 10:37

DVD packaging in Hampshire - The world of packaging for DVD box sets can be wild and wacky at times. It is not enough for studios to release films at the cinema and then a few months later on DVD... more

Blu-ray DVDs in Basingstoke | Blu-ray DVD authoring and packaging at Brandedmedia

August 28th 12, 16:43

Blu-ray DVDs in Basingstoke and HD DVD's are popular because of the fact that they are able to deliver the very best movie experience you will have ever seen, in addition to the very latest in high de... more

Software Packaging in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer unique software packaging designs

August 21st 12, 11:31

Microsoft Windows 8 does not arrive in stores until the eighth of October later this year, but the design of the packaging has already been revealed. It will come within a white box that has the Windo... more

Disc Packaging | Packaging for CD technology at Brandedmedia in Hampshire

August 13th 12, 14:43

Prior to the arrival of digital technology, recordings of music were processed for playback on cassette tapes and LP records. With the latter, the music recording was stored on a plastic material that... more

Disc Packaging in Hampshire | Innovative Packaging Designs at Brandedmedia in Hampshire

August 7th 12, 10:47

Truly great designs for packaging do more than just look nice on the shelf. A large number of designers approach the task of packaging from the wrong angle, believing that it is solely a matter of app... more

DVD packaging in Hampshire | Great DVD designs at Brandedmedia

July 30th 12, 11:06

It is the thirtieth anniversary of the worlds most loveable alien, E.T., and to celebrate the film is to be released on Blu-ray with some brilliantly over the top and awesome packaging. The set actual... more

USB Supplier in Hampshire | The Ultimate in Portable Storage from Brandedmedia

July 23rd 12, 11:15

Flash drives can go anywhere, being mobile enough to literally fit in your hip pocket, while also having the capacity to be able to carry almost an entire week’s worth of music, video and just about... more

CD Packaging | Bespoke Multimedia Packaging to suit your needs at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

July 16th 12, 10:14

Whatever type of multimedia solution you are looking for, you will find it here with us at brandedmedia. We offer multifarious design selections that we are confident you will not get anywhere else. I... more

USB Suppliers in Basingstoke | USB Devices from brandedmedia in Hampshire

July 9th 12, 10:24

The latest innovation from the wunderkind that is the USB device involves a USB-powered electric shaver; simply charge up the device via your PC and away you go. With no batteries or outlets of any ki... more

CD Manufacturing | CD Design and Manufacturing at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

July 6th 12, 12:35

Tens of thousands of Elvis fans recently had the opportunity to be a part of a commemorative CD in which fans were able to vote for their favourite Elvis tracks and upload personal photographs for a f... more

DVD Manufacturing | Creative DVD Design Choices at Brandedmedia in Hampshire

July 6th 12, 12:20

Not every DVD design works without a glitch, as in the case of the Sony DVD release The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (March 2012) when the Sony design team decided to create a mock-up of a pirated disc... more

USB Flash Drives | Flash Drive Designs from Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

July 6th 12, 12:07

Smart flash drive designs are all over the marketplace with more and more innovations being sparked up every year. The latest clever design is a USB flash drive built into a common safety pin, which c... more

Direct Mail Services from Brandedmedia | Efficient direct mail services at affordable prices with Brandedmedia on Basingstoke

July 5th 12, 12:26

The Royal Mail has hit controversy with their plans to stamp all mail with a Delivered by Royal Mail stamp from June 2012. Whilst this is, of course, an excellent direct mailing strategy, it does not ... more

Fulfilment In Basingstoke | Brandedmedia's fulfilment solutions for all markets

June 22nd 12, 12:31

From packing and storing to warehousing and distribution, brandedmedia are fast becoming the premier UK all-in-one fulfilment centre. Strategically located in Basingstoke, Hampshire, brandedmedia is i... more

Graphic Design | Graphic Design available at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

June 20th 12, 11:06

It is generally agreed that graphics do sell, and the better the graphic the more it sells. This has been proven time and again but the most recent study of news release information revealed unsurpris... more

USB Packaging | Professional USB Packaging from Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

June 18th 12, 10:50

As well as being a UK market leader in innovative and cost effective USB duplication technology, brandedmedia is the premier supplier for all types of USB devices. Whether you choose to place these us... more

CD Packaging | Successful CD Packaging for your brand from brandedmedia in Basingstoke

June 14th 12, 12:26

CD packaging is as important as it has ever been and perhaps more so as competition in every sector of business heats up. If the current recession has taught businesses anything, it is how to be inven... more

Software Packaging | Innovative Software Packaging Solutions from Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

June 12th 12, 13:16

Like everything else in this fast and frantic world, software packaging is constantly evolving. By its very nature, it has to do so to stay in the game. Traditional software packaging was created by m... more

DVD packaging from Brandedmedia | Tailor-made DVD Packaging at Brandedmedia

June 8th 12, 11:01

After you have spent a lot of time, effort, and money making your business DVD look and sound exactly right, you owe it to yourself to continue the professionalism of the product into the DVD packagin... more

Eco-friendly disc packaging | Eco-friendly film packaging is the way forward at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

June 6th 12, 14:11

In business, it is crucial to keep on reinventing products, style, and packaging in order to do two main things:• To keep the customer interested.• To accelerate towards an eventual 100 per cent e... more

Music CD Packaging | Eco-friendly music packaging made affordable at Brandedmedia

June 6th 12, 09:51

With 50 per cent of purchased music now downloaded and with the CD now looking set to go the way of its vinyl granddaddy, there are still those who mourn the demise of music packaging. Ex Guns n Roses... more

Flash Drive Packaging | Professional flash drive packaging delivered quickly and affordably from Brandedmedia

May 31st 12, 10:58

When technology giants Sony introduced the ultra fast 3.0 USB flash drive back in January 2012, it underlined the already known fact that these little devices are here to stay. Small, robust, easy to ... more

Multimedia Packaging | Professional multimedia packaging at affordable prices with brandedmedia

May 29th 12, 11:15

Brandedmedias customer base has grown through the consistently high quality customer service and after sales care delivered to all our clients, large and small. The aim of brandedmedia, Basingstoke Ha... more

Packaging Design | Professional packaging design made affordable at brandedmedia in Basingstoke

May 25th 12, 12:27

During this Diamond Jubilee year, manufacturers are keen to enhance their packaging to include this momentous event. This is especially true for products that hold a By Appointment status including Fa... more

USB Designs | USB designs tailor-made to elevate your brand from Brandedmedia in Hampshire

May 23rd 12, 15:23

USB drives continue to be a popular mainstay of corporate handouts and are of terrific promo value. With practically every UK business jumping onto the USB bandwagon, how can you ensure your USB desig... more

DVD packaging design | Exciting and fun DVD designs to suit your business from brandedmedia in Basingstoke

May 17th 12, 11:46

When technology colossus Buffalo released its latest DVD drive a year ago the industry could not help but stand back and applaud the ultra thin black casing and state of the art features that allow th... more

Bespoke Flash Drives | Flash drive designs from brandedmedia in Basingstoke

May 15th 12, 11:24

The flash drive remains popular since its inception in 1999 because it is a robust yet tiny piece of kit with no moving parts to rust, fall off, or require servicing. In short, the flash drive require... more

Design Solutions | Complete multimedia design solutions from brandedmedia in Basingstoke

May 11th 12, 11:05

The mighty arms of multimedia design are far-reaching; they now infiltrate every aspect of sales, marketing, and even in education. It has been discovered that effective use of multimedia tools can as... more

Mailing Solutions | Affordable direct mail solutions in Basingstoke

May 9th 12, 13:50

Even the big boys do not get it right all the time. In March 2012, giant American retailer JC Penny launched a new marketing initiative that included a direct mail campaign. Although direct mail is a ... more

Fulfilment Solutions in Basingstoke | Complete fulfilment solutions from brandedmedia in Basingstoke, Hampshire

May 8th 12, 16:25

One of the most highly rated fulfilment operations on the planet today is the completion tentacle of online retail giants Amazon. Amazons fulfilment arm stretches across the whole of the globe and now... more

Disc Packaging Solutions | Original multimedia packaging innovations from Brandedmedia in Basingtoke

May 3rd 12, 11:36

One of the most successful multimedia news organisations in the world is the BBC. The mighty BBC has been in direct competition with, and beaten, the highest quality newspapers, broadcasters, and comp... more

USB Packaging | Original and Innovative USB packaging from brandedmedia in Hampshire

May 1st 12, 10:41

With packaging becoming smaller, greener and more and more recyclable by the year, one would be forgiven for thinking that packaging per se has somehow become bad, has lost its popularity and that we ... more

Software Packaging | Innovative software packaging for all businesses from brandedmedia in Basingstoke

April 27th 12, 11:05

Packaging for all kinds of software are moving more and more towards the eco-friendly solution and at the same time software packaging is becoming more intelligent, now offering information on data de... more

Specialist CD Packaging in Basingstoke | CD packaging innovations from Brandedmedia

April 25th 12, 14:11

Like many other large companies, Britains best-loved department store John Lewis has pledged to reduce home delivery packaging significantly on all products in order to reduce carbon footprint over th... more

Film Packaging Design from Basingstoke, Hampshire | Fantastic range of film packaging from brandedmedia

April 19th 12, 14:59

Packaging is an important enhancement to any product but none more so than with film and DVD packaging. Packaging is the first thing a potential customer will see and most importantly in terms of musi... more

Brandedmedia for Music Packaging Design | Specialised and Low Cost Music Packaging requirements fulfilled

April 17th 12, 10:40

Soft drinks giants Coca-Cola is continuing its green campaign by collecting and recycling drinks containers at UK and Europe music festivals including the massive Isle of Wight and Knebworth festivals... more

Brandedmedia for flash drive packaging | USB Solutions for businesses in Hampshire

April 13th 12, 10:33

As the flash drive continues its popularity ascent as the number one corporate handout, the packaging for this handy device has grown in innovation and style over the years. Now users can choose from ... more

Multimedia Packaging Solutions from Brandedmedia | Bespoke Packaging Solutions in Hampshire

April 11th 12, 09:38

Multimedia packaging remains one of the biggest packaging challenges as companies strive to find the most eco-friendly solution, the most eye-catching, the most robust, and the cheapest. There is such... more

Multimedia Packaging Specialists | Low Cost Packaging in Hampshire

April 10th 12, 10:35

The many tentacles of the fast-evolving creature that is multimedia continue to ensure a high profile for products by way of CD/DVD/MP3 replication and duplication, and with eye-catching and appealing... more

Packaging Design Services | Brandedmedia for all your bespoke packaging requirements in Basingstoke, Hampshire

April 5th 12, 12:05

Retail giants Tesco have recently reduced their packaging on their pre-school toy range in direct response to both governmental and parental pressure. Tescos remit was then to create packaging that is... more

CD & DVD Design | CD Design options at brandedmedia in Hampshire

April 3rd 12, 15:40

Surprisingly the CD has been around much longer than you might imagine. First invented by James Russell in 1965, the CD has undergone many innovations, adaptations and revisions until it finally came ... more

USB Suppliers in Hampshire | USB Design Options and unbeatable prices from brandedmedia

March 30th 12, 10:30

USB design innovations can be functional, fun, and funky and are great for adding a splash of colour to laptops and computers. With USBs being the ubiquitous devices they are, almost every PC user in ... more

DVD Design | DVD Design Solutions at Affordable Costs at Brandedmedia

March 28th 12, 10:01

Like all things techno, DVD design is spiralling onwards and upwards at an incredible rate. Almost a year ago in April 2011, techie giants Buffalo Technology created an even more portable DVD unit tha... more

Flash Drive Design Innovations | Bespoke Flash Drive Design in Hampshire | Brandedmedia for all your flash drive needs

March 26th 12, 09:53

Flash drive designs are moving forward all the time and remain one of the best corporate handouts ever. Choose a flash drive design for your brand, etch it with your company logo, and if you choose a ... more

Multimedia Design Specialists | Affordable multimedia design from Brandedmedia in Hampshire

March 22nd 12, 10:47

In a nutshell, successful multimedia design is all about targeting potential customers that will use your product and it extends to consideration of why customers want a product, when they want it, th... more

Direct Mail Solutions | Brandedmedia in Hampshire offer tailor made direct mail solutions

March 20th 12, 10:31

Integral to even the best direct mail promotion is the all-important direct mailing list of customers that are in the market for your product and are willing to buy right now. Many a clever campaign h... more

Complete multimedia solutions at brandedmedia in Hampshire | Exclusive multimedia services at great prices

March 16th 12, 10:01

With the continuing upsurge of the multimedia march forward, it is now apparent that a large percentage of people of all ages tend to read and share multimedia information more easily than a written p... more

Fulfilment solutions from start to finish at Brandedmedia | Cost effective, professional fulfilment services

March 15th 12, 12:10

A professional fulfilment service is integral to the reputation of any business. The reputation of any business rests on the efficiency of its fulfilment. Industry big boys Amazon understand the impor... more

USB Packaging Solutions in Basingstoke | Complete USB packaging Solutions to suit all businesses

March 12th 12, 16:16

From USB memory sticks to USB pens to USB calling cards to novelty and fun USB devices, whether in business, in school or just for fun, USB packaging has found a way into the vast majority of offices ... more

Software Packaging in Hampshire | Solutions for every size of business, complete software packaging from Brandedmedia

March 9th 12, 16:20

The UK governments target to reduce packaging by 57 per cent by 2017 is, according to many industry giants, doable. Progressive and eco-aware companies such as Coca Cola, Eco Plastics and others belie... more

Mint Pack | Latest environmentally friendly disc packaging that is a great alternative to the standard Jewel Case

March 7th 12, 09:21

Brandedmedia are delighted to announce the birth of the Mint Pack. The Mint pack has been developed to try and offer a robust and eco friendly version of the Jewel Case. The 4pp Mint pack can hold 1 o... more

Disc Packaging in Basingstoke | Professional & Promotional disc packaging solutions by brandedmedia

March 6th 12, 15:07

Packaging has long been the subliminal salesperson of any product as was once again illustrated earlier this month when the designers of Bruce Springsteens latest album The Promise won a Grammy for th... more

DVD Packaging Solutions in Basingstoke | Top quality promotional DVD packaging options from brandedmedia

March 2nd 12, 12:10

Packaging is the face of your product; the first thing a potential customer will see and good DVD packaging should make the customer want to know more about the product inside. Getting the packaging r... more

Bespoke CD & DVD Packaging in Hampshire | Brandedmedia deliver both bespoke and off the shelf packaging solutions

February 29th 12, 10:41

We have all done it. Kept that gorgeous box of chocolates for weeks then when we finally decide to open them, perhaps for a special occasion, it is a letdown. The chocolates were off-colour or stale a... more

CD & DVD Packaging in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer a wide range of professional music packaging designs which won't break the bank

February 27th 12, 11:59

In the first 6-months of 2011, European beer giants Heineken created a limited edition range of four cans to promote its Join the Green Line promotion which was a high-profile drive aimed at the summe... more

Flash Drive Packaging in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer a wide range of flash drive packaging options

February 23rd 12, 13:31

2012 sees media giants Sony rolling out the first USB 3.0 flash drive offering mega-fast transfers up to 120MB and available in sizes 8GB through to 64GB. Of course, the market-aware professional will... more

Multimedia packaging in Basingstoke | Brandedmedia offers a complete bespoke and 'off the shelf' multimedia packaging range

February 21st 12, 12:02

Multimedia packaging is a powerful marketing tool to combine the various media tentacles to create a multi-faceted advertising explosion for any product and service. A good example is the recent Stell... more

Bespoke Packaging in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer intelligent packaging design options

February 17th 12, 11:27

Packaging design is so important to any product, yet so easy to get wrong. For example although Yorkshire-based family recipe sausage company Manor Born was successful locally, the rest of the UK were... more

USB Printing & Production in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer a wide selection of innovative USB designs

February 15th 12, 09:56

The compact and tidy USB device remains a forerunner in corporate event giveaways and as part of a complimentary business package with the technology available to add a company name and contact detail... more

CD production in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer advanced CD & DVD design technology

February 13th 12, 15:28

The best CD design technology looks professional with slick contemporary design accompanying graphics. When it is remembered that your CD or DVD presentation acts as a virtual handshake to potential c... more

DVD Production in Hampshire | Brandedmedia off DVD Design, DVD Authoring, quality replication & duplication

February 9th 12, 12:41

In April 2011, global design giants Buffalo Technology revealed its new elegant and compact DVD storage design. In a nutshell, this device allows users to view a DVD and burn DVD/CDs anytime, anyplace... more

USB suppliers in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer a superb range of USB devices both standard & bespoke

February 7th 12, 13:32

The USB flash drive has been an integral part of technology since the first hub-sharing USB port became available in 2006. They are now second-to-none in the corporate giveaway stakes as they can be p... more

Multimedia Design in Hampshire | Brandedmedia Offer a Complete and Unique Multimedia Design Service

February 3rd 12, 11:02

The evolution of multimedia design technology must surely be the epitome of marketing tools; You Tube, Facebook and Twitter as well as video animation, digital printing, websites with bigger and bette... more

Mailing Houses in Basingstoke | Brandedmedia Offers Exceptional Direct Mail Services

February 2nd 12, 13:45

Direct mail campaigns are integral to brand success and recognising the need for new blood, fast food giants Burger King have called for a review on direct mailing accounts in January 2012. By its ver... more

Fulfillment Experts In Hampshire | Brandedmedia Offer Fulfillment Facilities of Packing, Storing and Distribution

January 31st 12, 09:55

Fulfillment is the final link in the promotional chain so it has to go well. The fulfillment section of any business must be able to deliver on schedule with all the agreed Ts crossed and Is dotted. M... more

Brandedmedia - USB Packaging, Flash Drive Packaging, Bespoke USB Packaging, Packaging Design, Special USB Packaging

January 24th 12, 10:16

Since its development in the 1990s, the USB has proved an invaluable asset in all kinds of businesses but the trick nowadays is to consistently add value to the memory sticks with affordable, preferab... more

Brandedmedia - Software Packaging, Special packaging, bespoke packaging, Software Solutions, packaging solutions, design

January 20th 12, 16:18

The constant upgrading and refinement of software packaging means more efficient time management and less time spent covering repetitive and routine responsibilities such as database updates and docum... more

Brandedmedia - CD Packaging, Promotional packs, Jakeboxes, Recycled packaging

January 18th 12, 14:27

CD packaging is an excellent promotional tool and is perfect for reinforcing brand identity and logo. There are such clever designs around from standard plastic packaging to eco-friendly units, mailer... more

Brandedmedia - DVD Packaging, Blu-Ray Packaging, Eco Tray packs, Mailer Packs, Browser packs, Digipacks

January 16th 12, 11:58

AGI, the worldwide media packaging giant produced the DVD packaging for the DVD/Blu-Ray blockbuster film Avatar. AGI manufactured an impressive 4.5-million o-rings, 7.5-million sleeves and 10-million ... more

Brandedmedia - Film Packaging, Bespoke packaging, Eco Friendly packaging, Design, Point of Sale

January 12th 12, 13:04

Amcor snared the UK Packaging Award for Flexible Plastic Pack of 2011 for Sainsburys Netting and Film Bags used in the companys Taste the Difference range. The reasons for the success are:The bag look... more

Brandedmedia - Music Packaging, Recycled packaging, digipacks, pack design

January 10th 12, 14:56

A recent BBC News 24 and 6 Music article featured the end of music packaging as we know it due to the increasing popularity of music downloads, and whilst this may or may not be true, right now there ... more

Brandedmedia - Flash Drive Packaging, USB packaging, Bespoke USB packaging, USB Smart Box

January 6th 12, 13:39

Flash drive packaging ideas are always on the advance and they are still an extremely popular addition to the corporate giveaway pack for seminars and business away days. Of course, in these instances... more

Brandedmedia - Multimedia Packaging, Recycled packaging, Eco-Friendly packaging, Creative Packaging, Bespoke packaging

January 5th 12, 12:33

Multimedia packaging has changed over the years but the customers desire for quality remains the same. Manufacturers and consumers alike prefer, in the main, to use recyclable and eco-friendly packagi... more

brandedmedia - USB Designs

January 5th 12, 12:30

USB design is one of the most versatile pieces of kit since the advent of the CD itself. USB designs are being made more compact, they use less power, and the technology supporting the USB process is ... more

brandedmedia - CD Design

January 5th 12, 12:24

What do pop artists Sir Peter Blake and Damien Hirst have in common? Both have designed the cover of the Band Aid CD, Do They Know Its Christmas?; Blake, responsible for the brilliant Sergeant Pepper ... more

brandedmedia - DVD Design

January 5th 12, 12:22

Nothing in the commercial world stays still and the art of DVD design is very much on the move. The latest innovation comes from Philips in October 2011 with the introduction of a piece of high-powere... more

Flash Drive Design

December 21st 11, 16:27

Whether you want practical and professional or funky and fun, there is a flash drive design to suit your business needs. Flash drives have become the norm now in almost all spheres of business and wit... more

Multimedia Design

December 19th 11, 17:15

Multimedia design is one of the fastest growing of the media tentacles and it seems that every other week there are innovations and ideas springing up. While this is very exciting for the consumer, fo... more

Direct Mail

December 15th 11, 13:21

With the world truly becoming smaller and borders a blurry thing of the past, businesses have more scope to expand and become truly global. Direct mail is a good servant to the business that wishes to... more

Brandedmedia - Fulfilment

December 13th 11, 14:25

The fulfilment role comes into play in all industries. From pharmaceuticals to e-fulfilment to event fulfilment and everything in between, fulfilment is the part of your business you cannot afford to ... more

Brandedmedia - Multimedia

December 9th 11, 11:44

The BBC has supplied multimedia in integrated form since 2007, and since then many other organisations have followed suit. It is now recognised that amalgamated multimedia services offer greater consi... more

USB Packaging

December 7th 11, 12:30

PakSense, the US sensory packaging giants, have revealed a new labelling product complete with USB connection. This works by way of displaying PDF text and a graphic combination of recorded data relat... more

Brandedmedia - Software Packaging

December 6th 11, 11:51

Okab Intergraphic is using a new software packaging designed by Kodak. The Kodak Flexcel NX system uses only four colours instead of the usual five which saves Okab Intergraphic as much as 100 Euros, ... more

CD Packaging

December 1st 11, 12:07

The packaging of your CD is every bit as important as what is contained on the CD. After all, how much time did you spend creating your CD, changing it around, perfecting it, changing it again... and ... more

Brandedmedia - Dieting DVD's

November 29th 11, 11:39

The packaging content of the DVD has been dieting madly since 2006. Now it is quite normal to see DVDs and especially multi-disc DVD sets that have packaging reduced by up to a half of the original si... more

Eco Friendly Film Packaging

November 25th 11, 11:09

Film packaging moves on! Bradford-based National Flexible and Flexowrap from Coventry have joined forces to create an alternative to the cardboard sleeves used for supermarket ready meals. This plasti... more

Brandedmedia - Music Packaging

November 23rd 11, 12:16

Can you think of an example of a non-media product being wrapped in music packaging and sold to an entirely new generation of customers? Incongruous? Not at all. Innovative? Certainly. This is exactly... more

Flash Drive Packaging

November 21st 11, 14:25

The USB flash drive, or memory stick, continues to be popular with consumers and the devices are becoming more refined and innovative in design, therefore it follows that Flash Drive Packaging keep pa... more

Brandedmedia - Evolution of Multimedia Packaging

November 17th 11, 13:42

Multimedia packaging design is constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing world of multimedia itself and the artistic design of multimedia packaging is progressing too. The artistic chall... more

Brandedmedia - Packaging Design

November 14th 11, 11:29

With every type of manufacturer now looking for less expensive, adaptable, and eco-friendly packaging materials that retain their aesthetically pleasing and branded finish, experiments are being carri... more

USB Designs

November 11th 11, 11:21

The world of design technology is extremely fast-paced with designers coming up with more and more innovations and ideas to attract customers and outshine rivals, but no matter how good the idea, it m... more

Brandedmedia - CD Design

November 9th 11, 12:28

Ever mindful of the importance of not only being aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly but also being attractive to kids, Sir Paul McCartney recently held a competition for a CD design cover inspire... more

DVD Design

November 7th 11, 11:43

In 2009, California company CD Digital Card successfully manufactured a completely eco-friendly DVD disc. With more flexibility, lighter and using only 50% of the polycarbonate chemicals used in stan... more

Brandedmedia - Flash Drive Design

November 4th 11, 16:39

With corporate and novelty flash drive designs becoming more popular in the corporate giveaway market the customer, naturally enough, needs to drive the price down in order to allow these complimentar... more

Modern Multimedia Design

November 1st 11, 13:52

Multimedia design today is an all-encompassing term used to describe various forms of media i.e. text, visual graphics, audio and video but it would be fair to say that todays market is pretty much ce... more

Brandedmedia - Intelligent Direct Mail

October 28th 11, 11:47

Successful direct mail is always intelligently and cost effectively delivered to its target. Blanket mail shots are, as well as unprofessional and a complete waste of resources, a great nuisance to th... more

CD & DVD Fulfilment

October 26th 11, 11:54

A professional service and timely fulfilment of orders has always been an important aspect of any business operation, but the massive growth of online and home shopping has made it even more so. Onlin... more

Unique Multimedia Solutions

October 24th 11, 10:42

The term multimedia is commonly used to describe the complete package of communication networks e.g. visuals, motion, sound, text and art. The multimedia role is therefore huge in terms of the sales ... more

Fun USB Packaging

October 20th 11, 14:40

USB packing design has fast become fun. With almost everyone from schoolchildren and students to businesses, and multinational conglomerates all being the proud owner of at least one USB device, manu... more

Designing Software Packaging

October 18th 11, 12:31

Software packaging design is important on so many levels; protection, durability, safe storage, distribution – all these links in the chain between manufacturer and end user affect the value and ult... more

CD Packaging

October 14th 11, 15:06

CD packaging design has already come a long way since 2005, when recording giant Universal Music Group decided to sell CD units made from basic cardboard material in order to make the product more ch... more

DVD Packaging to Add Value

October 12th 11, 10:41

In these days of reduced packaging, DVD packaging remains important as it adds value and protection to the product. However, now DVD packaging designers have to stay ahead of the game as consumers inc... more

The Perfect 6 Colorways for Your Special Presentation Box

October 10th 11, 17:19

Now that you have chosen your box, its vital you choose the right colour and effects to enhance your branding, or the occasion you are promoting… All you need to do is send brandedmedia your hi-res ... more

The Launch of the Special Presentation Box

October 10th 11, 16:42

Have you been searching for the perfect presentation box that can be adapted to your product? Well search no more, brandedmedia have the answer;We thought it was about time we created the perfect... more

MP3 Special Packaging | Printed Carton and Plastic Cases

October 10th 11, 16:08

Were very excited to share with you some amazing packaging projects we have produced in the last 3 months; we have been lucky enough to work on some really exciting projects of late, specialising in b... more

Intelligent Film Packaging

October 10th 11, 12:59

In its simplest form, film packaging aspires to be as thin and unobtrusive as possible, an almost invisible yet robust barrier between the consumer and the product. However, the crown for intelligent ... more

Affordable Music Packaging

October 6th 11, 11:17

Mention music packaging design and it immediately conjures up images of CD and vinyl record artwork, advertising and marketing campaigns and specially created merchandise. However, the scope of music ... more

Durable Flash Drive Packaging

October 5th 11, 09:40

Because the flash drive is basically constructed by means of a small circuit board with a USB connection fitted on one end, it has no moving parts that can become damaged, and it is usually encased in... more

Multimedia Packaging

September 30th 11, 15:30

In these days of worldwide recession, it would seem that the world of multimedia packaging is flourishing as US cosmetic and healthcare packaging giants MPS open a London office with a view to a marke... more

USB Designs

September 28th 11, 14:51

Still one of the most popular corporate giveaways on the market, branded and logoed memory sticks will not break the bank to produce, are long lasting, and provide inexpensive advertising value.There ... more

Eye Catching CD Designs

September 26th 11, 11:39

In order to fully enhance a product or service a successful corporate CD design must be eye-catching and unique in order to step away from the mundane and make the consumer actually want to know more ... more

Attractive DVD Design

September 22nd 11, 15:59

Although the DVD has been around since 1995, the design templates and presentation of the DVD has evolved greatly since that time. Today the consumer expects professionally finished and innovative DVD... more

Flash Drive Designs

September 20th 11, 11:18

Exciting times now at brandedmedia! For the whole month of September, we are offering a unique and cost effective solution to your flash drive design packaging needs, in the form of the super new USB ... more

Creative Multimedia Design

September 16th 11, 10:49

Multimedia is an all-encompassing term used to describe a spectrum of creative work such as art (both fine and commercial), education, advertising, writing, music, entertainment, gaming etc. and multi... more

Using Direct Mail to Your Advantage

September 14th 11, 12:09

Direct mail is a method of advertising used when the advertiser sends mail items either by post, inside publications, or by email to groups of potential clients. Although direct mail also targets exis... more

Attention Grabbing CD Packaging

September 12th 11, 11:37

As the world becomes more aware of environmentally friendly ways to manufacture goods, the packaging industry is no different. At brandedmedia, we offer a superb range of CD packaging solutions in rec... more

The Importance of Fulfilment

September 8th 11, 10:35

Here at brandedmedia we understand that every product and every service requires the support of the fulfilment team. In fact, there is no aspect of industry, no matter what is being sold or what type ... more

Flash Drive Packaging That Does not Cost The Earth. Brandedmedia Launch The NEW USB Smart Box

September 6th 11, 19:27

There really could not be a better time to package up your USB, Flash Drive, or Memory Stick. Brandedmedia are running a promotion for the month of September, to allow customers the chance to place th... more

Special & Standard Packaging For Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, USB Devices, MP3 & MP4 Players

September 6th 11, 19:16

Why do so many people opt for the “easy” option when it comes to packaging? We saw this trend 15 years ago with the CD and DVD market. There were so many of our customers insisted upon packing and... more

Pantone Match Printing onto Flash Drives, USB's & Memory Sticks

September 6th 11, 19:14

The team at brandedmedia always encourages its customers to try and be as consistent where ever possible when it comes to brand and printing. One of the best ways to achieve colour continuity througho... more


September 6th 11, 16:03

Multimedia is a combination of visual, word and sound components used in such a way as to inform, sell, or entertain. Multimedia is used in many spheres of communication including advertising, enterta... more

USB Smart Box Offer

September 5th 11, 15:20

As you may have seen from our recent mail shot, we are currently offering all customers the chance to receive our new and exciting USB Smart Boxes absolutely free of charge with every USB order placed... more

USB Packaging

September 2nd 11, 11:28

All products have to be well presented if they are to catch the discerning eye of the consumer. Packaging must look right, be in keeping with brand, be contemporary, innovative – oh and most importa... more

Software Packaging

August 31st 11, 14:19

A visually appealing multimedia software package does a lot to attract customers who have the consumer choice of a wide selection of products all competing with one another for consumer attention. You... more

DVD Packaging

August 25th 11, 13:38

To the consumer, packaging is important, how it looks is almost as crucial as what is inside, so in addition to being tough and durable enough to be shipped safely all over the world, DVD packaging mu... more

Film Packaging

August 24th 11, 09:58

With consumer products being shipped all over the world, the film packaging industry has never been in such demand. There are many types of ingenious protective film packaging design for all kinds of ... more

Flash Drive Packaging

August 17th 11, 15:03

Packaging for flash drives becomes an extremely important commodity when presenting a gift to that special client and getting the edge on your competitors. In order to create the impact you are lookin... more

Multimedia Packaging

August 15th 11, 12:03

Multimedia packaging, if it is intelligent, innovative with exciting designs and graphics, goes a long way to sell any type of product. The huge growth of the multimedia industry has meant that packag... more

Packaging Designs

August 11th 11, 14:40

We buy with our eyes as they say and it is very true. An attractive design package goes a long way to sell any commodity and therefore packaging design has never been more important than it is today i... more

USB Designs

August 9th 11, 12:43

The advent of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) in the 1990s in its basic design allowed computer users more portability than ever before. The term USB commonly includes all cabling, connection devices, ... more

CD Designs

August 5th 11, 14:34

The modern equivalent of the album, CD cover designs initially followed the example of its predecessor using illustrators and artists, many of whom owe their fame to their design of album covers. Howe... more

Flash Drive Designs

August 4th 11, 14:26

Initially, we had the floppy disc, then it was the CD-Rom, but now the flash drive is the current kingpin of the portable media storage devices. Flash drives are designed to be more compact, they have... more

What is Multimedia Design?

August 4th 11, 14:24

The term multimedia may be commonly used but many people may not know what is meant by the term multimedia, so let’s start there. This is not an idiot’s guide because, let’s face it, none of us ... more

DVD Designs

August 3rd 11, 17:19

DVD DesignsThe digital versatile disc, better known as the DVD, has been around since 1995 and has many uses, the most obvious being to store movies and music as the younger, faster brother of the old... more

Customers See Huge Benefits From The E-Flick Brochure Also Known As Electronic Page Turning Brochure

June 10th 11, 10:35

Take a look at this amazing marketing tool… as little as £195.00 we can generate your unique E-Flick Brochure within just 24 hours of us receiving... more

Business Card USB Flash Drives & Credit Card Flash Drives

May 5th 11, 10:01

Business Card USB Flash DrivesAnother fantastic innovation from the world of USB's that we are able to offer is pictured below:This is what we call a Business Card USB Flash Drive and it is the size a... more

DVD & CD Eco Friendly Packaging - 100% Recycled and Biodegradable Green Media Packaging

May 5th 11, 10:00

DVD & CD Eco Friendly Packaging - 100% Recycled and Biodegradable Green Media PackagingWith the growing concern over the damage being caused to our environment, we are extremely pleased to be able... more

Flash Drive Pen, USB Pen, Logo Printed Flash Pen and Corporate Giveaways

May 5th 11, 09:58

USB Flash Drive PenUSB's are becoming more and more popular, they are a fantastically handy way to store and transport data of all kinds and they are available in some really exciting shapes and sizes... more

Now It's Time To Share Our SEO Secret

March 30th 11, 08:24

brandedmedia has seen some fantastic results over the last 3 years from constant testing and analysing within the SEO market place. Time and time again we hear our customers are being let down and ove... more

CD & DVD Clamshell Boxes - The Perfect Presentation!!

March 25th 11, 12:34

As a photographer you will have an eye for beautiful imagery when showcasing your talents to potential or existing clients, you will want something really special that will help to enhance and adverti... more

USB Business Card Packaging "USB Business Card Box"

March 7th 11, 17:09

Along with the recently launched"USB Smart Box"brandedmedia have launched the "USBBusiness Card Box" This box is clear, has a magnetic closure and a piece of foam to hold the USBbusiness card in place... more

Flash Drive, Pen Drive and Logo Printed USB Plastic Packaging "The USB Smart Box"

March 7th 11, 16:49

Plastic packaging for Flash Drive, Pendrive and Logo Printed USBs has always been a challenge for marketing, sales and creative departments. They want to showcase their product or service on their bra... more

Packaging – Ask Yourself these Questions...

September 16th 10, 17:48

·What do I personally look for in a product’s packaging?·Does the aesthetics of packaging influence my buying decision?·Does the ergonomics of packaging influence my buying decision?·Is it more ... more

Could your product benefit from Ergonomic consideration?

September 15th 10, 11:21

Ergonomics is an element which could be advantageous to your packaging design.Depending on your product and its packaging, ergonomics could be something that you, together with our design team, need t... more

Go Green

September 2nd 10, 15:10

Here at brandedmedia we understand people require more environmentally friendly solutions. Therefore we can produce card based solutions using recycled products from sustainable forests.We can use FS... more

The Joy of Receiving Post

August 31st 10, 17:45

Maybe I am a bit sad, but I always get a little excited when receiving post, especially when it is a package or a parcel! This is the reaction all companies want their customers to have when they rece... more

The Importance of Your Logo

August 27th 10, 16:25

A logo is the symbol of your company.It needs to lead the viewer towards thoughts of your products immediately. Your company’s identity is an imperative element which communicates visually through t... more

The Power of a Presentation Box!

August 27th 10, 16:18

Have you ever bought a product or a present and though ‘this would look so much better if in a box’?Presentation boxes can give a product that little edge over others.They give a look of class and... more

Branding is Much More than Marketing

August 24th 10, 14:30

At brandedmedia we have the whole package. We offer solutions to all your branding needs, from packaging to PR and displays to direct marketing. We ensure quality and efficiency from start to finish, ... more

The Importance of Packaging

August 24th 10, 14:27

Whilst considering packaging for your product it is worth remembering that 70% of purchase decisions are made on point of purchase.The right packaging can bring your brand to life, and in the current ... more

CD/DVD Replication

August 24th 10, 14:15

Branded Media provides the best CD replication deals within the UK.Now that we have got your attention, let us give you a little more detail!So you have made a fantastic document, recorded an album of... more

Promotional Merchandise and Corporate Clothing Giveaways

July 30th 10, 16:37

brandedmedia offer all types of printing onto merchandise from screen printing and embroidery. The Worlds Strongest Man clothing was printed in various ways and has a size range from s to 4XL. Last ye... more

Branded Car Sign Writing

July 30th 10, 15:59

When branded got asked to come up with car writing designs and lay down grids for Tom Tom we jumped at the challenge. We received 5 x Fiat 500 cars in Black and printed and affixed the various vinyls ... more

Promotional Giveaways and Distibution

July 23rd 10, 18:03

From exhibition giveaways to product launches and large scale events, brandedmedia can source and print all types of promotional giveaways for you. There are so many reasons why you should use branded... more

VIP Gift Box Packaging and Fulfilment

July 23rd 10, 17:47

Producing the highest specification boxes are one of the many services that brandedmedia offer. We deliver the very best solutions for presentation boxes, VIP packs and printed cartons. brandedmedia ... more

Promotional Eco Bag Printing

July 23rd 10, 17:40

Promotional bag printing is another service that brandedmedia offer. We can produce all sizes of bags and print any design onto the bag for you. From plastic, cotton and other special finishes, brande... more

Rigid Board Packaging For CD, DVD & Flash Drive Special Projects

July 23rd 10, 17:15

brandedmedia has seen a huge increase in customers wanting that little bit extra from CD and DVD packaging. So we have invested our time and efforts and have launched a new range of book style packs ... more

USB Flash Drive and SD Card Packaging

July 23rd 10, 16:57

brandedmedia have just launched the new and innovative packaging solution for the USB flash drive market. The case is identical to a DVD case, but with a hidden extra. The inner part of the case is re... more

T-Shirt Printing & Branded Corporate Clothing

October 8th 09, 09:16

brandedmedia are able to print directly onto t-shirts, polo shirts, towels, lanyards and all corporate clothing items. With the recent worlds strongest man event held in Malta brandedmedia supplied, l... more

Chivas Luxury Time Needed High Quality Disc Packaging

October 8th 09, 09:01

When Chivas Luxury Time needed to create a marketing pack that continued the look and feel of its traditional brand and heritage it turned to brandedmedia for help. They required a pack that would hol... more

Karl Taylor Photography Turns To brandedmedia

September 29th 09, 16:44

Karl Taylor wanted to create a range of learning tools that would assist photographers of all levels to get the best out of there digital SLR camera. Karl handed over the footage to the authoring depa... more

Rigid Board DVD Slip Case To Hold 1 Or Up To 10 DVD Cases

September 29th 09, 08:53

Rigid slip cases are much more durable than a standard folding box board slip case. You can have your slip case any size to fit 1 or up to 10 DVD cases. brandedmedia will send you a white CAD sample w... more

Flash Drive Duplication, Flash Pen Duplication, Printing and Packaging

September 29th 09, 08:39

brandedmedia can print your logo onto 5 different Pluto devices, upload your data and have your flash pens or memory sticks delivered back to you in 24hrs. From 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB brandedmedia will... more

Polypropylene Wallets, Ring Binders, Files and Cases

September 25th 09, 10:08

brandedmedia supplies bespoke polypropylene ring binders, presentation products, ring binders, wallets, slip cases, files, folders, presentation binders, polypropylene, PVC and paper over board. We ca... more

Mailer Packs For Direct Mail

September 25th 09, 09:55

Recently brandedmedia designed and printed a mailer pack for Mercedes Benz, the pack had various builds from sport, executive and family. brandedmedia designed and produced the silver card mailer pack... more

A5 Folders and A4 Folders

September 25th 09, 09:19

A4 folders and A5 folders can be printed onto various card weights, we even offer environmentally friendly inks. brandedmedia can design the actual size of your folder or wallet from a standard 4 page... more

Business Card CD Replication and CD Business Card Packaging

September 25th 09, 09:12

CD Business Card Replication is still very popular with our customers, we can replicate your master and print directly onto the face of the card. The options for packaging are relentless and with the ... more

Swatch Book Printing

September 25th 09, 09:07

brandedmedia can print any size swatch book. A number of our customers have recently used the swatch book as a means of showcasing their work instead of the standard brochure. We can print any size an... more

SD Card Duplication, Label Printing and SD Card Packaging

September 25th 09, 08:55

brandedmemory have recently offered SD Card Duplication, Label Printing and SD Card Packaging. We have seen that our customers like to offer something a little different and with the SD cards being so... more

A3 Show Cards or Tent Cards

September 25th 09, 08:48

brandedmedia can supply and print all types of POS material and have recently produced a number of A3 Show Cards for a well known clothing brand. Along with the tent cards, brandedmedia have produced ... more

Promotional iPod Printing and Branding

September 24th 09, 17:00

brandedmedia have already started to take orders for this years Christmas corporate gift ideas. We have been able to source some amazing promotional products. The print department is able to print dir... more

Tender Documents Using Presentation Boxes, USB Flash Drives & Hard Back Manuals

September 24th 09, 16:44

brandedmedia produced a tender document for a client that consisted of a 175 single pages, printed 4 colours both sides, wire bound, and glued into the spine of a rigid cover, similar to a hard back b... more

Special Packaging For The Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Market

September 14th 09, 17:11

brandedmedia have recently produced the Booby Moore Hospitality Pack. The high quality rigid box was made up with high definition Grey foam, which can be laser cut to any size. A Black and Blue wibali... more

Twister USB and Memory Stick Packaging

September 14th 09, 16:46

brandedmedia offer the largest selection of packaging for media products and have a fantastic range for USB memory sticks, SD cards, flash drives, flash pens and flash drives. Recently our cardboard p... more

CD Card Wallet, DVD Card Wallet & Blu Ray Card Wallet

September 2nd 09, 16:01

The printed card wallet option for CD, DVD and Blu Ray projects is still top of the shopping list, when used for budget optical disc campaigns. Large production runs for the optical disc, used within ... more

Memory Stick Presentation, Memory Stick Duplication & Memory Stick Packaging

September 2nd 09, 10:27

brandedmedia had been asked to create a loop presentation for City Post for an exhibition in Earls Court. City Post wanted to give a USB flash drive away to prospective clients. brandedmedia designed ... more

CD Business Card Replication

September 1st 09, 09:56

CD-ROM business cards cards are the size and shape of a credit card and use compact disc technology. brandedmedia offer 2 x different size buisness cards of memory. Either 25MB or 83MB of data can be ... more

DVD CSS Copy Protection

September 1st 09, 09:54

CSS (Content Scrambling System)CCS is digital copy protection software which prevents digital copying of the contents on a DVD-video to other digital media. The functioning of CSS is to encode some VT... more

CD, DVD, Blu Ray and Packaging Solutions

September 1st 09, 09:48

brandedmedia offer the largest range of CD and DVD packaging. Romvelopes, PVC wallets, CD and DVD card wallets, 4pp card wallets, jewel case, maxi single, DVD case and all related paper parts. However... more

CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Blu Ray Duplication, USB Memory Duplication and Memory Stick Duplication

September 1st 09, 09:32

From 1 to 300 units, brandedmedia will turn your concept into reality within 3 days. At affordable prices, brandedmedia will pack your CD into various packaging solutions from a standard pvc wallet, c... more

USB Drive Printing & USB Pen Duplication

July 28th 09, 10:21

brandedmedia has seen a huge increase of enquiries for packaging solutions for branded USB devices and pen drive duplication. In the last 12 months we have invested into creating some of the most inno... more

USB Flash drive packaging

July 28th 09, 10:09

As media packaging develops and pushes the boundaries, so does Flash Drive packaging. Choose from environmentally friendly paperfoam boxes with printed card wraps, magnetic cases with printed card wra... more

POS Point of Sale displays

July 28th 09, 09:53

brandedmedia print and produce a great selection of Point of Sale displays as well as bespoke designs to sit perfectly with your marketing campaign.We produce bespoke Point of Sale Displays, FSDU’s,... more

Printed Ceiling tile graphics

July 28th 09, 09:35

Print directly onto your office ceiling tiles to add colour and interest to your internal space. This example was printed for a company with very few windows. Ideal for conference rooms and seminar ro... more

Printed walled mounted Vinyl

July 16th 09, 15:15

Brighten up your office with a bespoke printed vinyl mounted onto walls.... more

Foamex and Light Effect

July 16th 09, 14:04

Your artwork or design is printed onto Foamex board, framed and then back lit - a very artistic way to light up a wall in your home, or an excellent opportunity to highlight your product or branding i... more

Illuminated Light Box Signs

July 16th 09, 13:55

Digitally printed perspex illuminated within a light box frame makes a focus of artwork and messaging.... more

Privacy Frosted Vinyl Strips

July 16th 09, 13:40

Privacy Frosted Vinyl Strips are an elegant and effective way to keep rooms and offices discrete and confidential but remaining stylish.... more

brandedmedia gets Geoff Capes to teach Mike Bushell the legendary Truck Pull from The Worlds Strongest Man event

July 16th 09, 13:05

Mike Bushell meets Geoff Capes to find out what it takes to be the World's Strongest Man. Geoff Capes won the Worlds Strongest Man title twice and now he's training a whole new generation in the art o... more

Window Vinyls

July 16th 09, 12:47

brandedmedia can print your chosen image onto large format window vinyls. This 'Fish' vinyl was very effective.... more

Geoff Capes The Worlds Strongest Man "30 years of pain " DVD

June 11th 09, 16:53

Yesterday Geoff Capes talked to Hawksbee and Jacobs on Talk Sport about The Worlds Strongest Man "30 years of pain " DVD that is launched on Monday 15th June 2009... more

brandedmedia Signs for IMG's World's Strongest Man DVD

May 28th 09, 09:45

IMG Sports Media, part of IMG Worldwide, has signed the DVD license for The World's Strongest Man special "Thirty Years of Pain" to packaging and replication experts Brandedmedia. The deal marks Brand... more

THIRTY YEARS OF PAIN - History of The World’s Strongest Man

May 27th 09, 14:09

THIRTY YEARS OF PAINHistory of The World’s Strongest ManRelease date: 15th June 2009For three decades athletes have thrilled and astounded audiences around the world with their extreme feats of str... more

brandedmedia showreel

May 21st 09, 15:13

View our company showreel that we designed and produced in house more

TomTom Easter Egg Scramble

April 15th 09, 14:14 more

Promotional mouse mats - the old school tool

February 25th 09, 14:20

Mouse mats are an established promotional tool, however printing and ergonomic developments have brought about a real increase in creative capabilities.brandedmedia offer mouse mats in hundreds of siz... more

brandedmedia produce Lily Allen's hypno-diet CD

February 11th 09, 11:50

As it's awards season I'd like to thank everyone who knows me, including Susan Hepburn, the hypnotherapist I went to, weeping, a few years ago after a doctor had told me to give up wheat, dairy, chick... more

New Tricks, new sleeves

January 25th 09, 11:26

brandedmedia in Basingstoke offers a host of different CD and DVD packaging options, including the jakebox and a number of other environmentally friendly packs. Managing director Sean Fergusson says t... more

Tamper Proof USB Packs

December 16th 08, 10:19

A new USB tamper proof pack has been designed by brandedmemory for various memory devices. The pack which is similar to the CD Pluto pack produced by brandedmedia, consists of a tray that holds the US... more

Plastic Card Packaging

December 15th 08, 18:38

brandedmedia specialise in printing and packaging solutions within the media, finance, software and entertainment markets. Over the last 6 months we have invested our time and resources to look furthe... more

Memory Stick Packaging

December 15th 08, 18:25

brandedmedia has seen a huge increase of enquiries for packaging solutions for branded USB devices. In the last 12 months we have invested into creating some of the most innovative solutions around. S... more

The Perfect Gift!

December 15th 08, 18:22

Create your own unique personalised digital photo album with createyourframe.comToday sees the launch of, a completely new online experience for people everywhere who want to bring... more

brandedmedia scored a winning goal

September 22nd 08, 10:54

brandedmedia scored a winning goal at a major football tournament. One of the worlds premier sports, entertainment and media companies selected brandedmedia for its Euro 2008 corporate hospitality mar... more

Just the ticket for 2008

July 17th 08, 11:01

A Basingstoke company has scored a winning goal at a major football tournament. One of the world's premier sports, entertainment and media companies selected brandedmedia for its Euro 2008 corporate h... more

Disc whirled

August 31st 07, 09:47

Sending out a CDROM can be an effective way of marketing a hotel or chain, agues disc specialist brandedmedia. "The trick is to package it enticingly so that it adds value, rather than looking like th... more

Entrepreneurs see widening skills gap

June 5th 07, 10:34

A survey launched today has revealed that a staggering 74 per cent of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year finalists believe there is a skills shortage in their industry, suggesting the ... more

brandedmedia creates CD distribution arm

March 29th 07, 10:32

Brandedmedia, the CD and DVD replication and fulfilment specialist, has launched a new division to serve customers frustrated by poor mailing campaigns.Its Brandedmailing venture, which will operate i... more

brandedmedia launches a business brandedmailing

March 28th 07, 10:15

The launch follows research conducted amongst Brandedmedia's clients which shows that 68 per cent had been frustrated by their suppliers’ poor attention to detail in creating finished produ... more

Nations Favourite

December 22nd 06, 14:04

It’s Lonely Hearts for the Nation!The Beatles are still number one, as people in the UK have voted Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as their number one CD cover (39 per cent), perhaps... more

Discs firm struck the right note

October 5th 06, 10:03

SCHOOL held so little interest for Sean Fergusson that when his GCSE results came out he didn’t even bother to find out his grades. To this day he still does not know.“We had to fill in a ... more

brandedmedia assists Ocean Village

September 25th 06, 10:43

When Ocean Village started to work on its marketing campaign for Ocean Village Two, arriving next April for a summer season in the Med, the UK casual cruise brand turned to multimedia specialists, bra... more

Move aims to further growth of company

August 14th 06, 09:54

HARD work and dedication have made it possible for a north Hampshire firm to move to new premises four times larger than the office in which it started business four years ago.On Monday, Brandedmedia ... more

UK's first gaming promotional CD insert in national

March 15th 06, 16:03

Paddy Power has produced the UK's first gaming promotional CD insert to appear in a national newspaper. The Paddy Power Poker insert, which appeared in the Times, was produced in conjunction with the ... more


February 17th 06, 09:41

"Getting a product to the customer with add-ons needs to be left to the experts," says Sean Fergusson, managing director of brandedmedia, a company that specialises in fulfilment. "They have the skil... more

brandedmedia Sweden is launched

February 1st 06, 10:26

Following huge success in the UK and European markets, brandedmedia, a CD and DVD duplication and packaging house based in the UK has expanded and opened up offices in Malmo, Sweden. "brandedmedia's c... more

Entrepreneur has big plans for media firm

January 21st 05, 09:47

AN ENTREPRENEUR who never collected his GCSE results from school is heading up a media company with a turnover of more than £3million.Sean Fergusson left school at the age of 16 and still doesn&... more

Fat bottomed girl is fast lady

September 3rd 04, 09:32

An innovative new racing dinghy built by a former Woodroffe schoolboy was launched in Lyme Regis over the bank holiday. The Fat Bottomed Girl, which takes its name from its distinctive shape, was desi... more

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